Laura Hois, Deputy Assessor, brings professionalism and knowledge to the Office of Assessor – she has been a breath of fresh air! Laura is a proven leader who always demonstrates exemplary work ethic and a positive, energetic attitude that is an inspiration to others. Her communications with property owners and other government offices has been unparalleled! She exemplifies a role model in every sense of the word with her knowledge and desire to raise the bar not only for herself but for those that she works with. Laura is highly skilled and qualified to be a remarkable Assessor with a heart for the people. Her desire to serve is her very core. I highly recommend Laura and encourage you to support her candidacy.

- Laura Ross, C.I.A.O., Sugar Grove Township Assessor, Kane County

I referred numerous legal matters to Laura knowing she provides superior representation.  My clients were extremely happy with Laura and her service.  Most importantly absolute integrity is the cornerstone of Laura's legal and public service; comforting in today’s world of cutting corners seeking short-term gains.  I heartily endorse Laura Hois for Township Assessor.

- Douglas A. Slansky, J.D., Retired.  Former Downers Grove Township Attorney

Laura Hois is committed to bringing her expertise to any field she steps into. With the countenance of trust and integrity, she will move to make a positive difference for our community.

- Will Kupisch, former DGN High School Counselor, MC Bonfield 5K/10K Run Thanksgiving

The adjectives which describe Laura’s abilities and personality are plentiful. Laura is bright, energetic, diligent, knowledgeable and conscientious with a great work ethic, integrity, and commitment to clients and client’s objectives.

- Roger Ritzman, Managing Attorney, Peregrine Stime Newman Ritzman & Bruckner, Wheaton

I have known Laura for years and relied on her expertise on many occasions to work thru business and legal issues. I have referred Laura to colleagues who have used her services, none of whom could thank me enough for the introduction.  Laura is knowledgeable, personable, efficient and responsive. You get the sense you are on Laura’s speed dial, never having to wait days for a response. She provides individual and prompt attention.    

- Trisha Svehla, President, Managing the Mosaic

Laura Hois’ communication, customer service and problem-solving skills are well honed. I would be hard pressed to recommend a more qualified candidate for Downers Grove Township Assessor.

- Lillian D. Bjorseth, President and CEO, Duoforce Enterprises, Inc.

Laura is running to give you, the voters, a choice of who you want the next Assessor to be!


TESTIMONIALS for the first ever Independent Candidate for Township Assessor:

Candidate — Downers Grove Township Assessor